We are Looking for Volunteers

With the current emaphasis on social enterprise and ethical business, why not enhance your CV by improving your ethical profile and become a charity volunteer?

In particular, we are currently looking for volunteers who feel they could drive our minibus, which offers the chance to gain a transferable skill for future employment. You do not need a PSV licence or special insurance and we are hoping to increase our minibus usage by arranging leisure trips for our clients.

Check our events page to see upcoming activities

Because we are fortunate that the organisation had the foresight and drive to obtain a minibus, we are expanding our service to include regular trips to pubs, garden centres, shopping etc. If you are interested in volunteering, as a driver, drop in on a Monday or a Thursday morning for a coffee and a chat. For more information call or 01922 418381 email: landywood25@gmail.com

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