Reflections and Thanks


As mentioned on our events page, we have had a disastrous start to the New year but we are heartened by the donations we have been receiving to help us replace it.

We are continuing to have donations coming in and we thank everybody for their donations when everyone is struggling with their finances but we must mention, in particular, Broadmeadow Lane Senior Citizens group who have given a large donation to the funds.

We hope to have news soon on a replacement bus, but in the meantime we do need more funds. A second hand bus of the same specification of the one we lost will cost £54,000. We are awaiting the insurance settlement and will be able to give a firm fundraising total as soon as we know what the insurers will pay.


On the one hand we have had a very successful year in 2023 but on the other hand we have said goodbye to two dear friends Chris Myatt and Granville Alden. Many of our former clients and volunteers choose to leave bequests to us and this year was no exception. We thank you all.

As in previous years we have also had help, in kind, and generous donations which help with the work of the Centre.

We were fortunate to secure a grant from SSDC to start our lite bites on a Friday which has proved to be very successful.

We could not run without our dedicated volunteers and we thank them for their continued support. Also thanks to our clients, now our friends, who support us every week.

Thanks to Milad Hosseini wo removed a troublesome laurel bush