A busy 2019

Various groups have been fundraising throughout the year to help us continue with our voluntary work. St Thomas Moore School invited some visitors and volluntees to have afternoon tea. The pupils were serving and chatting.

Narrowboat trips for lunchbox groups. Calf Health to Coven. Some rain but a good day had by all. Fish & chips on the boat at Coven.

Various trips have been organised throughout the year. Some places visited includes Boundary Hills and Trentham Gardens,

October  we had the toilet refurnished after help from local businesses. We were closed for three weeks.

A joint Christmas lunch was held for Tuesday and Wednesday Lunchbox with entertainment provided.

Local supermarkets, various other local groups, i.e. Community Choir, Slimming Club have all helped us continue with our voluntary work, by either donations of food, money donations & fundraising.

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